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Top Skype Interview Tips – Landing a Client & a Job

Working virtually requires understanding technologies that can make or break a client relationship or job opportunity. As a former Virtual Assistant, I get a lot of questions about tips on how to work virtually. Hosting the occasional Skype interview is something I get asked a lot and I know that the tips I’m about to share have been critically important to landing several of my clients.

While you don’t always need to interview via Skype to land a client, you should know that these things can keep you from failing an interview or losing a client. Here are some quick Skype interview tips that will help you land that client, job or new contract!



Important: Test your audio and video. Even if it’s worked in the past, make sure that there isn’t any feedback and that your microphone is working properly.

Eliminate Distractions or Malfunctions

  • Lighting: Make sure your room is well lit (especially your face)
  • Noise: Reduce any background noise that you can control. Babies, dishwashers, dogs, televisions, radio, etc. Turn it off!
  • Dress: Do not wear distracting prints, jewelry or have a crazy hairstyle. Dress in a darker, solid color and dress professionally. Girls, no cleavage!

Position, Diction, Cadence

Big words, but important one!

  • Position: Make sure you are close enough to the camera that they can see your facial expressions, but not too close so that you just become a talking head.
  • Diction: Speak clearly, fluidly, and look at the camera. It’s very easy to not look at the person on the screen because it’s a little awkward.

Virtual Assistant Secret: Don’t look at the screen, look at the camera. It will allow you to have direct eye contact with the interviewer or client and probably won’t make you as nervous since you won’t be looking at someone’s eyes.

  • Cadence: Breathe! Speak slowly and clearly. Be enthusiastic, but not peppy. Practice your answers before your interview, but don’t script them out. Have key points you’d like to make written on post it note (this is another secret! Since you’re not in the room with the client or person, you have this advantage!)

Follow Up

Just like an in-person interview, remember to follow up with a Thank You letter/email. Be sure to record the interview. Here are a few ways that you can record a Skype Call. If you need help with your thank you letter, here’s a great article.

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