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When I sat down to write tonight, the eve before the unveiling of this new site, I couldn’t help but think it’s so easy to say, “Look at me and how great this is.” So, I stepped back, grabbed some candles and sat in silence as I remembered a good friend’s generosity and creativity.

Here’s the short story of how my logo came to be. My logo is pretty stinking cool if you ask me. My friend and fellow creative, Ashley of thorn + sparrow and I, sat down and chatted month’s back about my vision for a new entity’s brand. I had the name, now I needed something to represent it. My request: To be structured and organic at the same time. Nothing like a challenge for my pal. 🙂

After a few designs and back and forth (she was patient with me!) I’m so very happy with the final product she created. You’ll also be happy to know you’ll find some more of her work on my site in the coming months. You know my navigation menu, with the bee and wheelbarrow and other cutsie items? Well, she did those too and they make me smile every time I visit the site.

If you’re in the market for a new logo design or branding elements, Ashley is your gal! She also does this really neat FREE giveaway every month that I adore. Here’s some of the past month’s giveaway items.

Go check her out. Her portfolio is one of kind.

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