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Pinterest Users, Meet Reachli

How to Use Reachli for Pinterest Campaigns

Hey all! I had to do a quick blog on this platform I use for Pinterest called Reachli. I’ve been loving it and actually started using it before it was Reachli (formerly Pinerly). I get a lot of questions from client’s about how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic and make money through blogs and pins. These couple of links will give you a glimpse into what Reachli is (basically it’s like analytics for the things you want to pin on pinterest from your site, or others!)

If you’re interested, here is their blog.

There are 3 things you can do right now on Reachli.

  1. Promote your pins and track how many people “clicked, liked and repined” that particular pin.
  2. Become a Publisher and gain smaller affiliate earnings through promoting different advertisers that work with you markets. Since my business is in web design and social media, I’m sharing this info and my take on it as a user for my business in hopes that it will help you with yours. Clicking a link might make me $.10-$.15, so basically if a lot of you do….I get a coffee! 🙂 
  3. Become an advertiser! If you want to promote your content, blog or products, you can do it here. It’s super easy to setup!


A few links I like and recommend to those looking into using Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategy.

Who & What Is Reachli?

Going Beyond Pinterest: 500 Startups And Others Back Visual Advertising Platform Reachli

24 ways to monetize your website &  blog.

Happy Pinning & Tracking!

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