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Can Pinterest Really Help My Business?

Pinterest – the 3rd largest social media platform. It has become an overnight frenzy of virtual DIYers and small businesses owners creating boards and inspiration “hubs” as I like to call them that are leading people back to their blogs, their websites and their products.

What are people sharing? Just about everything. If you go on today, Pinterest has greatly expanded from where they first started. You can learn how to bake eggs correctly, “repin” inspirational sayings that motivate your workout plan for the week, and browse a variety of other categories like: fitness, food, and fashion. Around the world, people are pinning their most favorite of things. I like to think of it as a housewife’s version of Oprah’s Favorite things. Who doesn’t want to know the best way to do just about everything?

So, why are businesses throwing their hat in the ring?
When you “pin it”, meaning grabbing that image from your website, this allows you as a business owner to promote your products and establish your online brand in a tangible sense. People can actually SEE who you are, without even having to visit your site. It’s like a visual Twitter feed. All the things you want people to know about your company can be displayed and shared with others, effortlessly. When people click on the image you have pinned, be it a fitness drink you sell, a painting you are selling on Etsy, whatever the product, the image retains it’s original source link (to your site) and by clicking their interest in this product, they are brought to your site, shop or blog. Simple as that! Referral traffic is the key benefit of Pinterest.

This info graphic helps highlight some of the key features and I would hope motivate you to start “pinning” your business products.

Need Some Assistance? Have a Question about Pinterest? The Co. is here to help! Email us directly and we’ll be glad to get you on the right track. No sales pitch!

Marketer's Guide To Pinterest: Pin It To Win It [infographic by MDG Advertising]
by MDG Advertising

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